When the Dust Finally Settles: Strategies for the Long-Term Caregiver – Brainline.Org Article

Christmas 2001, my wife, Dayle, and I were snatched from ordinary lives and plunged into a parent’s worst nightmare: a car crash resulting in our teenage child’s traumatic brain injury. Bart remained in a coma for 30 days, and then with a trache and stomach peg freshly inserted, he was shipped off to Helen Hayes Hospital for rehab. He’s barely conscious; we’re reeling from the strain of a bedside coma-watch. Months of hospital “boot camp” followed by outpatient clinics, days and weeks stretching to months and years. Bart’s losses are staggering. Struggling to piece our lives back together, we gradually strip down to essentials and discard most everything else — Please read the full article on Brainline.org, HERE.