At a certain point in life, all of us will experience loss, grief and disappointment. We will all be tested, all end up downstream or upstream of where we set out to sail. The truth about life is that none of us truly has our hands on the script.

It’s not possible to rewind the tape; no matter how much time we spend fantasizing about it with our head in our hands. In the end, it all comes down to a matter of mental longitude and latitude. And a great deal of perspective. You have a simple choice when everything is said and done. You can get bitter, or you can get better.

The one common denominator in the truly remarkable folks I’ve had the pleasure of meeting is their desire to not let circumstance define or circumscribe them. One of the greatest gifts of being a survivor is the ability to take your situation and use it to illuminate the way for others.

This father and son team is one of those dynamic duos. And I hope as we head into Father’s Day, that their story inspires you the way it did me:

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